What is Big Data Technology and How Does It Affect Us?

If you are an active Internet user and a technology enthusiast, you have probably heard about the term big data before. Although it has the word “big” in its name, this type of technology is more concerned about the way of analyzing data than about data volume. In fact, the three Vs of the big data technology are volume, variety, and velocity, and all of them are included in this technology. Let’s take a closer look at this interesting phenomenon and its application in business.

The Origins of Big Data

The original idea of big data was conceptualized back in the ‘90s when John Mashey made the term popular. Data sets of various sizes that are a part of big data cannot be processed by software tools that are commonly used for processing, managing, and capturing data. The problem is that big data includes structured, as well as semi-structured and unstructured data, and that creates a real problem for people who want to analyze it.

The primary division of big data was into three Vs that we have previously mentioned. They were further divided, and other characteristics were added as essential to processing big data, such as the amount of noise, the value of data, and more.

For the sake of clarity, let’s stick for now to the three Vs.


Volume simply represents the quantity of generated and stored data. It is the size, after all, that makes the distinction between big data and ordinary data.


Simply put, data doesn’t have to contain only text files, as big data also includes images, video, audio, and other things. Although these pieces are more difficult to analyze when put together, they can provide valuable insights after the analysis.


Velocity simply marks the speed of data growth and processing. The thing with big data is that it is produced continually, and is mostly available in real time.

An Extra V — Veracity

Veracity stands for the quality of data and the value it provides. In other words, if big data consists of poor material, it will be difficult to process and accurately analyze it. Naturally, the quality of each big data could vary a lot.


There is much more to know about the big data technology, as we barely managed to scratch the surface of it. You need to know that big data is used by many big companies and has become one of the essential things in business development, as it can provide valuable information to business owners and help them upgrade their products and services. The computers are redefining our future, and it looks bright at the moment!