PS4 vs PS5 – How Are They Different?

We have seen that consoles have made an incredible breakthrough in the world of gaming and that they offer the whole package – an easy to set up gaming system that is perfect for people who simply do not wish to waste too much of their free time setting up, tweaking and upgrading their PC. With a console, those days are in the past, as you can simply connect yours to a screen, fire it up, and start gaming straight away. But which one should you choose? The struggle for power between PlayStation and XBOX consoles is legendary, but now, with the PS5 set out to surpass PS4, and with the fact that the PS4 is still dominant on the market months after the PS5 release, gamers might be confused as to which console to choose between the two? What are the most crucial differences between the two consoles?


This successor to the PS3 has risen through the ranks to become the second best-selling home gaming console of all time, second only to the PlayStation 2, which is still to be outranked. However, the PS4 has had a steady rise in popularity, and is still dominant on the market, even if the only reason is that the PS5 is hard to come by nowadays. Its characteristics include a 1.6 GHz CPU, 8 GB of RAM, and either 500 GB or 1TB of HDD, which is a very respectable configuration, by all means. However, the PS5 brought a whole new world of console gaming.


The PS5 has made a breakthrough when it comes to the resolution support that it offers, as well as the performance of the optical drive and the storage time. These examples alone make the PS5 a beacon of next-generation console gaming. What we are yet to mention is the incredible capacity that the console brings along. The PS5 features a CPU with eight cores and sixteen threads, that can have a frequency of up to 3.5 GHz. There is also a shift from HDD to SSD, with a whopping 825 gigabytes of memory, and 16 GB of RAM. Moreover, compared to the 1080p output of the PS4, the PS5 skips a few steps with the amazing 4K graphics output, which truly changes the way we experience gaming, and rivals even the strongest gaming PC configurations. In short, the PS5 is a revolution in itself

Which one should you choose?

Both of these consoles are present on the market, and the PS4 is not cutting its support any time soon, which means that you can still safely buy it and enjoy carefree gaming. However, the choice still remains your personal preference. If you dislike the hassle of pre-ordering and repeatedly checking all the websites to see whether the PS5 is finally in stock, you can go for the PS4 without any hesitation, as it is still able to offer you a great gaming experience for far less money. However, if you are willing to go the extra mile for a better experience, or if you simply wish to upgrade from your existing PS4, you should definitely give the PS5 a chance.