Most Common Misconceptions About Technology That We All Encountered

We have all grown very dependent on the tech that surrounds us, in fact, it’s very hard to do our jobs nowadays without being online. What seemed like a world filled with wonder and mystery 30 years ago, is now quite common. However, not everything is as straightforward and apparent as Leon бонус-код, and technology has certainly evolved a lot. Because of these changes, and because we never bothered to look into them, we have developed some myths about how things work. Here we will go over some of these most common myths that are certainly widespread for one reason or another, and debunk them.

Hitting the refresh button makes our PC faster

We’ve all been there, our PC seems to freeze so we hit that refresh button and it miraculously works better. I guess we were really clinging to that old saying – if it ain’t broken don’t fix it, so we use the refresh button as a reliable way of applying a minor fix. However, this is completely wrong, as all the refresh button does is update icons on our screen saver. The reason your PC works faster is that it finished whatever was clogging its performance and completed the refresh action afterwards. In fact, you only made it slightly slower by adding another task on its to-do list. 

Safely removing USB

To make sure our data stays intact we choose to click on “safely remove USB drive” option before we unplug the stick from the port. There is nothing wrong with this as it is recommended, however, it’s not really necessary. All you do by selecting that option is telling your PC to make sure there are no ongoing processes or data transfers happening at the moment. If you already finished data transfer and it’s all there, the option really does nothing. You can completely ignore it and just unplug the stick.

Don’t use your phone while it’s charging

Because of the whole Samsung 7 fiasco, it may not be the best idea to tell people this is a myth. However, 99,99% of the time the worst thing that will happen to your smartphone if you use it on a charger is that it will overheat slightly more than usual. Samsung was an isolated incident, and phones are tested to make sure they don’t catch fire while charging. There was also a myth that you should fully charge your phone 3 times for its battery to fully form. This was actually the case with first phones but now the batteries used are nothing like those. 

Incognito mode makes me invisible

The incognito mode itself states that all it does is not record your browsing history, there is nothing that would suggest it makes you invisible other than the icon and the name maybe. If you are worried about your information being sold for advertising and really want to stay invisible you will need to use VPN. Incognito mode is really the same as normally using your web browser.