3 Gadgets No Graphic Designer Should Be Without

With any craft, skill, or trade, good tools are not enough to make you stand out and make something of worth. However, they do give those who are already trained more options on how to approach certain problems. This includes graphic designers.

Think of media elements that ‘pop’. Designers are in charge of that. Whether it is a combination of shapes and colors in the design, the way the betway Promo Code 2021 stands out on a page, or a striking image meant to provoke a certain response, graphic designers use the tools and gadgets at their disposal to send you a message. To that end, we have compiled a list of 3 gadgets we believe every designer should have in their arsenal.

Monogram Creative Console

Working with a piece of software designed for image manipulation where you can mess around with hue, vectors, depth, and so much more can be exhausting. Monogram Creative Console is like a joypad with dials, slides, and essential keys that fit cozily near your keyboard and can be used in image, video, and sound editing. The manual tweaking is superior to typing in values with your keyboard or getting approximate values with your mouse. It is time-saving and professional.

Graphic Tablet And Stylus

There are many different manufacturers and products. So many, in fact, that we would require another post just to compare and contrast the pros and cons of each one. Suffice it to say that designers require a tablet and a stylus that works with it. Jotting down ideas and doing sketches is something every creative soul needs to do on occasion. For designers, it is a nightmare to transfer those ideas onto the computer once they are done with ideas (especially if they can’t remember where they put the darn sketchpad).

With a graphic tablet and stylus, you can make sketches and write down important bits of info at your leisure. However, what makes this gadget stand out is that you can pop that bad boy directly onto the cloud, where you can access it with your regular workstation and continue working from there.

Wireless Connect Stick

There are times when you rush from home to work or you have just had an idea while at your friend’s house. There is also the possibility of a colleague or client asking you for some last-minute changes to a project. For whatever reason, the devices available are incompatible. While frustrating, these things tend to happen.

What’s good about having a wireless connect stick is that it looks and feels like a USB stick, but uses WiFi to transfer data to virtually any device. This way, you will never lose time over compatibility and file sharing between devices again.