How Is Live Streaming Affecting Our Habits?

In recent years, the combination of more accessible Internet, especially Wi-Fi, and devices like mobile phones and tablets gave birth to a new trend known as live streaming. It has taken the world by the storm, and it has gradually been changing our habits and making us adapt to it. This could be expected – nowadays there are so many things that can be done online, playing Poker on best online poker sites being just one among many.
You can split live streaming into few categories, such as streaming on social media, streaming on gaming platforms, as well as streaming television shows.

Streaming on Gaming Platforms

Perhaps the way in which live streaming affects our habits the least is streaming on gaming platforms. The most popular one is Twitch, the platform that has been an excellent invention that every gamer out there appreciates.

Apart from allowing streamers to share their gameplay with the gaming community, it also brings gamers together and enables them to learn more about their favorite game and interact with other gamers, possibly making a few gaming buddies along the way.

The only way it can affect our habits is that it can replace the one of watching television shows and instead make video game streams a popular pastime among the gamers.

Social Media

Streaming audio or video content is a new option and a fantastic addition to the already extremely popular world of social media. However, a method of live streaming also comes with negative effects. Even though it is an excellent new way to share your story or memorable moments, people often tend to overuse it. It is one of the biggest concerns related to the modern-day technology, together with the way it affects younger generations, as they, being under the pressure because of their peers, focus on status updates and texting via social media instead of social interaction.

Streaming Video and Television Shows

One of the best forms of live streaming is by far a chance to stream movies and television shows on platforms like Netflix and HBO. Sure, one could argue that it is similar to social media live streaming, and that its excessive use can have a negative effect on our habits, but it also offers people an opportunity to organize social events such as movie nights or similar. Not only that, but due to the way it operates, you can manage your time better; instead of planning your free time around your favorite TV shows, you can fit them into your schedule as you please.


Even though live streaming arguably has some downfalls to it, it is one of the most popular new trends. As it increases in popularity and people invent new ways to implement live streaming into our daily lives, this new trend will not only change the future habits of many of its users, but it will also make television stations adapt to it.