Online Gaming Trends in 2020

Video games are a part of a lot of people’s lives and in this modern day and age, they are almost everywhere. Mobile phones are full of games, browsers can play games, games which required entire computers only 20 to 30 years ago. Even online casinos have lots of video games. Yes, you can find lots of sites with various gambling video games, from poker sites to double bubble slots sites

It is safe to say that video games are everywhere and that with every year, trends may somewhat shift and turn, to reflect on what’s going on in the world. 2020 has been one interesting year, and with a pandemic on our hands, most gamers have turned to online video games to have fun with their friends.

Here are some of 2020’s online gaming trends.

Shooters are in Full Swing

Games like Fortnite and Overwatch showed us that shooters don’t have to be cut and dry like CS: GO arguably is. CS: GO is pretty dry and the colors are dull and the game is, by today’s standards, old. It is still played by a lot of people, but games like Fortnite, Overwatch and to an extent, Apex Legends, did things differently and attracted new players. Younger players and most notably, females, shifted to these games, because they are non-linear and offer a different approach to an established genre.

Consoles are Reemerging

Sure, PS4 and Xbox One are still here and to a large extent used for online gaming. However, PS5 and Xbox series X will be released in 2020 with custom hardware from AMD, their new Zen2 and RDNA2 architectures, which offer considerable improvements compared to the previous generation consoles. These new consoles mean that video games will definitely be much better, even online games, because the hardware will be able to handle it.

Streaming is Even More Popular

Gaming today isn’t just about playing the game. Most people now broadcast video games, even though they sometimes get a single viewer. Some people just want to stream a game to their friend/partner, with whom they can’t share a room due to social distancing. Others stream to large audiences. Online games are often the most popular games being streamed. Some people thrive by streaming single-player games, but those are few and far between. 

Adults Joining the Gaming World

Most people consider that the vast majority of the gaming world is populated by young adults, teenagers or children. Well, that perhaps used to be true, but many gamers who were teenagers in the 2000s, are now adults, so the average age of gamers went up to 32 years for males and 36 years for females. This basically means that we have a variety of gamers online, meaning that some games will change to reflect that adult population.

These are some of 2020’s online gaming trends. A year with so many challenges is definitely interesting when it comes to video games. 2021 will most likely bring new trends, which we will likely enjoy.