Internet Predictions — What Will the Future of the Internet Look Like?

Since its inception over three decades ago, the Internet has been gradually evolving and transforming all levels of business and society. Back in the 1980s, the simple concept of creating a hyperlink in files was difficult to comprehend. The whole thing has taken up quite a notch since the question arises –- is this as good as it gets or is there more to come from the World Wide Web? Let’s explore some of the predictions on the future of the Internet.

Increased Internet Usage and Boost in Quality  

With the growth of the world’s population, we can expect increased Internet usage worldwide. In fact, it’s predicted that, by 2020, most of the world’s population will be online. Also, in the near future, we can expect steady and smooth-running connectivity, with no need for any individual connection. We are talking about a universal Internet where we could see a connection that is never interrupted or lacking in quality.

Automation Is the Future

With the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence and robotics technology, we can expect the need for manual labor to decrease, along with the availability of jobs. This shouldn’t surprise people as robots have already taken over various manual, repetitive tasks that humans used to perform.

With the evolution of deep-learning technology, the machines will begin to master the art of accomplishing high-level intellectual tasks as well. In that light, it’s estimated that the robots could completely take over most of the current workload in the near future.  

Although some jobs will be eliminated due to technological advancements, the new industrial revolution will do more good than harm. Namely, over 50 million jobs will be created thanks to the advancements in robotics and AI.  

Improvements in the Healthcare Industry

In the near future, the increased evolution of the Internet will radically improve the healthcare industry. For instance, a wearable gadget implanted into human tissue will be an everyday thing, since nano-technology makes it practically invisible. These implantable medical devices will help in preventing various diseases, as they will immediately alert doctors of things such as:

  • Cancer development
  • Organ failure
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Irregular Cell counts

These devices would gather data in real time and share it over the web with the doctors on duty, which would result in greater comprehension of the human body. Consequently, the evolution of the Internet will boast a better quality of life together with a longer lifespan.

Final Thoughts

The World Wide Web is gradually evolving and discharging obsolete things while bringing more advanced ones to the table. In that light, we can expect the Internet to undergo a radical change in the coming years. The above mentioned are only a few things we can expect from it in the future.