How Is It Possible That TikTok Got More Traffic Than Google?

We hear surprising news all the time. Whether we are talking about a global pandemic or military exercises. News can create lots of drama, particularly if the reports are exaggerated. 

Yet, we hear interesting reports, for example, that TikTok got more traffic than Google in the period of a month. Nobody thought that would be possible, yet here we are. How did that happen? Let us take a look.

TikTok is Very Popular

The problem with stagnation is that you get surpassed by someone innovative. Google was never going to create their own social media platform for short clips. Without such a platform, it comes as no surprise that TikTok would actually get more traffic than Google. Videos are fun to scroll through and you could have an endless feed of interesting content creators there to keep you busy for hours.

TikTok is also very popular with the younger generations, who are the majority of the user base, particularly on mobile devices, leading to the next point.

Mobile Applications are More Popular

Mobile applications are basically better versions of browsers that we use every day. The thing is that most mobile users will always turn to applications rather than browsers. Since most young people use mobile phones, it is only to be expected that most of them will also have TikTok installed. TikTok is popular and if you don’t have it, you are left out to dry.

Noone wants to feel left out, which is why most young people have TikTok and use it. You have to know the newest memes and videos in order to be in. Even older users will turn to mobile applications, and some of them also have TikTok installed.

Google is Mostly the Search Engine

While Alphabet owns Google and most other things related to Google, such as YouTube, if we are looking at just Google, we would be looking at the search engine only. While most Android searches, not to mention even iOS searches, go through Google, because people love it as a search engine, there are still competitors.

On Windows systems, Microsoft Edge is the default browser and Bing is the default search engine. People concerned with privacy tend to use DuckDuckGo or similar, non-invasive search engines. TikTok is an application which is meant for entertainment. People use search engines for a specific purpose, while entertainment is typically an everyday activity, especially if one is procrastinating. 

Memes Are Better than Results

Specific tasks require search engine usage, but memes do not. We can open up any application which has short videos and enjoy our memes. TikTok happens to be the most popular application for this kind of content.

It really comes as no surprise that TikTok will have more viewers and traffic than Google, and that trend might even continue, given the nature of the application and the majority of its user base.