3 Key Things to Consider Before Buying a New Computer

Now that you have decided to upgrade your computer equipment a bit, choosing the right one can get a bit more complicated than anticipated. Before waltzing into a computer shop, it is good to think things through and devise a plan of what kind of computer you need, especially now that you can buy them online as well, so you can have limited customer assistance. This article will help you with a few key points to consider before buying one. Stay tuned!

Do You Need a Laptop, PC, or Tablet?

The very first thing you need to decide is what type of computer you need. The offers today include laptops, PCs, and tablets, and each of these devices serves a particular purpose. The best way to settle this is to have in mind what the computer will be used for. If you plan on performing complicated and multiple tasks at the same time and want to have everything running smoothly, you probably should go for a PC, especially if being mobile with your work is not a priority. PCs come with more powerful machines that include more potent CPUs, RAM, hard drives and graphics that you won’t see in laptops.

However, if you prefer to take your work with you, then you should go for a laptop or a tablet, of course. They are small in size, fit in a bag, and provide great convenience to all who use them. Laptops and tablets are also becoming more powerful with stronger CPUs and RAM which can facilitate even more complex tasks, previously reserved only for PCs.

Choose Your Processor Wisely

A processor can be considered the brain of a computer. Processors are in charge of simultaneously performing numerous tasks, and if you want speed, always go for a more powerful one. The most important part of a processor is its core and the most important characteristic is its speed marked in gigahertz (GHz).

The number of cores is essential as each of the cores operates at a certain speed and are in charge of the multitasking assignments. The more cores the better, as a processor with a single core at 3 GHz is not going to be as fast as a 2-core processor. Make sure the chipset you choose is rich in cores as well as speed so that you can open many programs at the same time and not run into any snags along the way.

RAM Memory Counts

Another part of the computer that works to ensure multitasking and jumping from one program to another is the Random Access Memory, or RAM in short. RAM is measured in gigabytes and mostly affects the cache memory. The cache memory is in charge of keeping data close to you, without having to store it on your hard drive and then waiting for the computer to retrieve it. The importance of RAM is mainly seen in opening many tabs or windows on your browsers and jumping from one to another in the blink of an eye, so the bigger the RAM the better the computer.


When shopping for computers, the first thing to consider is undoubtedly the budget. After setting up your budget and deciding what type of machine you need, make sure to choose all the components of the CPU with care and get the best value for money.