By Rolf V. Ostergaard, Dec'01


I needed a database for my link collection at Cable-Modems.Org that would display a "Yahoo-like" directory. First thought was to sign up as a volunteer editor for the Open Directory Project and then just refer to "my" sub-category there. Unfortunately the other editors would not let me structure the categories the way I think is right.

Enter phpHoo, a php3 script using MySQL, written by CDI and described in great detail at as a complete php3 tutorial. Unfortunately no management interface was available. Be sure to read the tutorial, as this is really all the explanation you need in order to use and modify this code.

The 2nd step

A quick touch-up on the script and phpHoo2 was born. A second touch-up in March 2000 added a few more things based on user feedback and contributed code.

This adds the following features in a password protected administration mode:

and a few general improvements:

The 3rd step

Yet another touch-up in December 2001 added a few more things based on user feedback and contributed code:

Try it

Try out a sandbox version of phpHoo3. You can also try out a slightly restricted admin mode (Login Name=user Password=pass). This mode will not allow you to create categories, but the dialog shows up like in the unrestricted version.

You can also see my link collection at for an example of a version of the script running in a real world environment.


A copy of the older phpHoo2 files is still available as a Zip Archive.


If you want a special verison of the script for your site, please let me know. I do make custom versions for a fee. Send me an email describing what you want me to do, and I will take a look! I am not good at graphics work, but I can tweak the script for different functions.


The emphasis was on fast implementation, and some of the features can certainly be refined. It works for me like it is, but you will sure want to add some features. The only thing I ask is that you keep us all informed about what improvements you make so we can all benefit from it.

Have fun and note that I am not a php support guru, and you use this script at you own risk. If you find errors, please take the extra step and fix it - then tell us how and we will all be happy!


I find the following references useful:

Note: phpHoo and phpHoo3 are Open Source and uses the GNU license.


If you get header errors or cookie errors or other errors, please first of all check that you don't have blank lines before or after the <script> tags in any of the files.

Does it scale? No. I loaded it up with 10000 links, and it became awfully slow. Removing the count of links in all categories brought it back up to decent speed again, but you may or may not find that acceptable. Anyway, now you are warned.

Rolf V. Ostergaard, Hillerod, Denmark, - last update: June'03