Gettable Genius Gadgets Galore

Children have toys – adults have gadgets. They may be the latest trend in technology or just something to play with when we are bored. Whatever the reason, it is very easy to take a liking to these little devices. Here are several gadgets true geeks will appreciate. We have included the prices, but the shipping and taxes might raise them a bit.

Super NES Classic

If you are feeling nostalgic and remember Nintendo from the 90s, this is the perfect gadget for you. You can, once more, grab the old controllers and play on the mini-version of the console for about $80. There are 21 games available, including Super Metroid, Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda, and Final Fantasy III. There is one new game you get to experience – Star Fox II. Some might argue that you can get the same nostalgic feeling by playing on an emulator. Super Nintendo controllers and the console that has both the HDMI and USB cables beg to differ. Plus, the games and the console come with a user manual.

Ah, the days before the internet…

Star Wars R2-D2 AC/USB Power Station

This is where gadgets differ from toys – they can be functional. R2-D2 is now your droid and it helps you charge anything you need, provided they have either a standard US plug (four devices can be charged at the same time) or a USB (for 2 devices). You can mount the droid on the wall and it costs about $75.

The Legend of Zelda Hylian Shield Backpack

If you ever need to feel like a Knight of Hyrule, you can get this awesome backpack. It’s great not only for cosplaying as Link but also for storing your laptop. Bear in mind, though, that, though this is a Hylian Shield, unlike its namesake, it is not resistant to fire. $25 and it’s yours.

Artori Design Supershelf

If you want your books to be carried by a superhero, now is your chance. Though the Supershelf costs less than $25, and there are similar products by the same creator, and you can get the bundle for around $70. The way it works is, the wall mount gets hidden behind the books, while the strong hero lifts the books using a powerful magnet. Don’t overload it, though, because it can take less than 10 pounds.

Plumbus Replica

If you don’t know what “Wubba lubba dub dub!” means, then this product is lost on you. “A Plumbus will aid many things in life, making life easier. With proper maintenance, handling, storage, and urging, Plumbus will provide you with a lifetime of better living and happiness.”

All kidding aside, if you have a friend that is an avid Rick and Morty fan, they are going to appreciate this obscure product that doesn’t really do anything, which is why it’s so charming. It just looks bizarre, but it is officially licensed. Depending on where you get it, its price is usually between $20-25.