Are PCs Becoming Outdated?

The technological development of today aims at bringing the world of smart devices straight to your pockets. We are witnesses of making gadgets that can operate multiple tasks at the same time and still fit the back pocket of your jeans. In this advancement, PCs seem to have taken the biggest hit.

Laptop portable computers, tablets, and smartphones are dominating the market now, but there’s more to it than it meets the eye. The undisputed desire for mobility and having a genuine computer at your fingertips is present, but it can do so much more. People would argue that laptops are as fast today as are PCs, but that is only true up to a point. This article will discuss the current situation and position of PCs in the technological world today and show why you should still consider buying a PC rather than a laptop. Read on!


One of the critical factors that speaks to the advantage of PCs is their performance. If we consider that video content frequently comes in forms that require big screens and ultra-high resolution, the majority of laptops can’t fill that requirement. For such content, your 17+ inch PC monitor is what does the trick.

Furthermore, the modular ability of PCs that allow you to make your configuration of the PC power is unprecedented. You can choose and assemble your machine with different motherboards, RAM and processors, and that is the option you won’t get with laptops or tablet computers.

The performance of PCs is particularly important for all gamers out there. Rarely can a laptop support the demanding graphics of new video games in a way a PC can.


Another critical factor why PCs are still a good choice is their price. If you want to buy a laptop with similar characteristics as its PC counterpart, you must be ready to pay a lot more to own it. It is a well-known fact that smaller and powerful gadgets cost more since the production costs of these components are much higher than the ones typically used in a PC configuration.


Owning a computer, tablet, or a laptop has become imperative in all aspects of our lives, be those aspects personal or corporate. This begs the question of what sort of computer you should use and buy out of the many available on the market. First of all, you should consider what kind of work you will be doing, and if you need demanding programs run at the same time, PCs might be the best option for you. The overall performance, price, and the ability to modify them make PCs still a sound choice when it comes to computers, and that won’t change any time soon.