5 Hottest Programming Languages

Whenever a person wants to get into the business of app development, web design, front-end development, or other IT areas, they are faced with a conundrum of what programming languages to learn. Do they go for the ones recommended to them by their friends, or do they start from the beginning? If you are interested in learning a bit about programming, we hope this little guide will help you in your endeavors.


JavaScript, not to be confused with Java, is a programming language the main purpose of which is making web content interactive. It is also essential in making web applications. JavaScript is recommended by programmers as a type of language you learn as a beginner because it is relatively simple to grasp when compared to others, that is.

People who are not connected to programming, or are just beginning, confuse it with Java due to the name, libraries, and syntax used. However, they have different purpose and design.


Java is not focused solely on web content. The idea behind Java is to write a script that can run anywhere. This is useful if you have an app that you want to run on your tablet, computer, browser, and smartphone. Java makes it possible to run the app anywhere, without recompiling the information. It is one of the most popular programming languages for its ability to go with anything.


Python is growing in popularity. About a third of users of Stack Overflow use Python over other programming languages. It surpassed PHP and C#. Python is a general-purpose programming language, which means that it is very versatile. We use it in machine learning, analyzing data, web applications, and so much more. With the speed of its rise to fame, Python is now one of the industry standards when it comes to programming.


One of the many children of C, C++ is not suitable for beginners. While it is still widely used, the system it uses to operate can be difficult to grasp. It is mainly used in system software, game development, and firmware.


PHP still made it on this list due to its popularity in managing content online. If you are placing a video, text, gif, or anything else as part of your content, PHP is there. It is a programming language focused on web development, and it is one of the languages widely considered beginner-friendly. It allows you to work from anywhere, as the programming is not done on your machine or system, but on the servers.

Stack Overflow

If you want to keep track of the changes in the programming languages, the news in the community, and if you just have a question about your script, you are welcome to try out Stack Overflow. It is a website where designers, programmers, beginners, and IT specialists come together to figure things out. The community is supportive, and you will likely find tips and tricks if you ever get stuck on a project.